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One of the craziest challenge as a business owner is being confronted with the responsibility of making your business well-known in the marketplace.

If you find this assertion to be true, please know that you are not alone in this. The large businesses you know of today, at a point, encountered this – while many others are still battling with corporate obscurity!

In this piece, I want to highlight some 7 ways by which you can use the power of expression if your business is struggling to be well-known or heard among its contemporaries.

Businesses and individuals that command the attention of their world are those that have been heard of; are those that have an understanding of the power of expression and used same to their advantage. These businesses and individuals have expressed their uniqueness, their edge over competitors, their comparative advantage and all they’ve got!

In a business world with so much noise, competition, chaos and commercial clutter, you can only be heard by expressing your uniqueness with such veracity, courage, perseverance and determination.

Being too silent has been the harbinger of most failed businesses! They are silent about what they know and their new operations. They are silent about their unique differences. They are silent about their new acquisitions. They are silent about their company’s special events. They are lukewarm whether to participate in corporate sponsorships and just about anything and everything! Little wonder, new businesses after theirs keep taking the lead.

If you want an on-going business relationship or want to earn the confidence of your customers/clients, or you want an increase in turn-over, then you must continually and consistently be heard by your industry and target market. These set of audience need to hear from you always to be able to earn their trust. Until you are able to retain your business in the mindshare of your target audience, you may not be able to command the marketshare, which will ultimately affect your company’s pocketshare!

Are you finding it difficult to be known in the marketplace? How can you use the power of expression to your business advantage? How can you win the battle over corporate obscurity with your small budget? How can you lend a voice to your business?


What you say on meeting a potential client/customer, and how you say it is critical to your success. I dare you to always put your best foot forward. You need not only be a strategic thinker, you must be strategic in your choice of words. You must be pro-active as well in answering inquiries that may arise from your discussions.

In using the power of expression effectively, you must understand that the first impression you leave with a potential customer, client or investor will, in most cases, determine the fate or outcome of that meeting. As such, express your thoughts in a concise, precise and logical manner.

Please note that your expression is not limited to your choice of words, your comportment, confidence, dress sense, and general outlook all give power to your expression.


Today, social networking on the internet means different things to people all over the globe. To the author, it means business-networking!

If you must use the power of expression positively and to your advantage, then you must understand the power of the internet and how your can effectively use it to express your thoughts, ideas, and operations.

As a business person or a career-minded individual, why will you wake in the morning, and your first post is “wasup guys?” when people are thinking of how to better the lots of others, meeting new and positive friends, building quality relationships and ultimately, making more money?

Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter are a cheap way to express who you are (or who you want people to think you are!). By regularly sharing your thoughts, business operations, contributing to constructive post and write-ups, you are on your way to being recognised. You will agree with me that some of your friends on Facebook you have never seen all your life, but their regular posts on the social media says a lot about their personality.

Also, connect your social media accounts with your company’s website so that your friends and followers can get updates about whatsoever happens in your corporate world.


If your kind of business activity or profession permits that you go on air, then you must put your best foot forward in order to win the war against corporate obscurity.

In a bid to be heard, more and more corporate executives are talking to their media specialists about the possibility of appearing on TV. While this may be a brilliant idea for you, ensure you maximize such opportunity by using the power of expression.

How can your business or personality be expressed on TV and Radio? By your advertisements; programmes you or your company sponsor; comments you make about issues affecting your company, customers, industry or government; and participating in talk-shows.


Put your best foot forward at corporate dinners, product launch, facility tours, investor meetings, AGMs, and press conferences. From start to finish, ensure that your event expresses the kind of perception you want from your audience.

Corporate events are a good avenue to strategically express your company to your audience and participants. Events of this nature are also a good networking atmosphere for individuals and corporate executives willing to strike new deals or partnerships.

If given an opportunity, do not shy away from telling the whole world what you do, how you do it and why you do it better than others.

Do not close your mouth. A closed mouth is a closed destiny! Also, never you attend corporate events without, at least, your business card.


Printed materials are also a good avenue to positively express your company or expertise. Publications of this nature are not limited to: professional books authored by you, your company’s house journal, opinion editorials (op-eds), letters to the editors and articles for publication.

If you have not been exploring this option, begin now by expressing your organisation on paper. The content of each type of publication will depend on its objective and house style of the publisher. If you are a veterinary doctor, for example, you can begin by writing and submitting articles to magazine editors on how to treat certain kind of animal diseases that can be harmful to pets.


Company profiles are sure a good avenue to also tell the world who you are, what you do, how you do it, with whom you do it with, what you have gotten for doing what you do, et cetera. Company profiles, at their best, summarize the identity of a company or service. In essence, they answer the question, “What does ABC Company do?”

The growing need for an effective company profile can be seen in the increasing need for doing business with sound companies and individuals. The exponential use of the internet to do business also demands that potential clients, customers and investors do a background check on a company by either requesting their company profile by email or visiting the company’s website to see their profile. In writing your company profile, put your best foot forward. Ensure that only important and relevant details feature in your profile. Hire the services of copy-writers if you must!


If after you have tried “putting your best foot forward” with the first 6 points highlighted above and you seem the need to accelerate some more, then try being controversial but make sense. Some companies and professionals have enjoyed a share of attention by just being controversial but with a measure of sense.

Do you want a powerful strategy? Take a controversial position. You will offend some people and strongly attract those who may like your position. Creating controversy to sell is strategic – and it comes with a cost. You must be bold enough to withstand critics. Have you ever tried to be controversial on Facebook? What has been the response from your folks?

These days, some Nigerian lawyers and human right activists engage the use of controversy to express themselves and make themselves known in the society. At any given opportunity, they criticize the government in power so hard that the news is usually incomplete without a mention of their names. The entertainment industry has lots of vivid controversy lessons for marketers.